Testing the City of the Future

A living and working experiment for a climate neutral city of Görlitz

Conditions for participation

The Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) with its Interdisciplinary Center for Transformative Urban Regeneration (IZS) is in charge of organising and running the project "Testing the Future of the City – A living and working experiment for a climate neutral city of Görlitz".

As part of the project, the participant is provided with a flat in the city centre of Görlitz free of charge for a period of 12 weeks. Companies and research institutions as well as various local initiatives act as hosts for the temporary work stay, providing premises and/or an appropriate working environment. Living and working spaces must be used by the applicant. Use of only the trial flat is not possible within this project.

The participants are selected in close consultation with the participating institutions. No salaries are paid within the project. Individual agreements can be made with the respective partner institutions regarding the temporary work stay.

The IZS distributes the participants to the flats based on previously assessed requirements. As a rule, the day of arrival is Monday and the day of departure is Friday. The specific handover and acceptance times are agreed individually with the IZS.

The participants will enter into a usage agreement with KommWohnen Service GmbH, whose flat they are using. A deposit is payable for the flat, which is refunded after the flat is returned in proper condition. Pets are not allowed in the apartments.

The participant undertakes to try out the living and working location for the duration of 12 weeks in the sense of the project and to report on his/her experiences. As part of the accompanying scientific research, the participant will be asked questions about the requirements of the location and motivations for moving. During the stay, the participant is obliged to attend meetings to get to know each other, feedback meetings and scientific interviews (a total of approx. 5 appointments during the 12 weeks of the stay). The appointments will be arranged with the project team.

Accompanying persons

Each participant is offered a trial flat (up to a maximum of 4 people). You are also welcome to come with a partner, as a work group or as a family with children. If several participants per household arrive, the IZS will endeavour to arrange further working opportunities and work spaces if desired or needed. The costs for the use of additional work spaces must be borne by the additional participants themselves. Family members or other persons travelling with the participants who would like to get involved in the city are very welcome. The IZS is available to answer questions about civic engagement or childcare. However, there is no entitlement to the above-mentioned services.